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Chrome dentures from the Denture Design Studio in Brighton and Hove

Cobalt Chromium dentures incorporate a metal base with plastic for a natural looking result that provides more stability than the acrylic alternative. These are ideal if you have missing teeth, using the remaining teeth for support. Due to the inherent strength of the metal base, the dentures themselves can be smaller and less intrusive.

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What are the benefits of chrome dentures?

  • Strong and reliable
  • Smaller, thinner size
  • Minimal metal framework
  • Less rubbing / sore spots
  • Taste and speech less affected
  • Reduces damage to tissue and gums
denture realigning

I found your website very useful. I actually found out what a Clinical Dental Technician is now, and what you do. It is so inspiring to come to somewhere direct to make my dentures, especially on site in your own lab. It is lovely to be able to have input into the construction of my dentures. I loved being able to choose the teeth and the look I required thanks Phil. – Mr A.

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