Denture Relining & Additions

Relining and adjustments
to avoid denture discomfort


Denture relining in Brighton and Hove

Your dentures may be built to last but your mouth itself is constantly changing. Your gums and bones will change shape over time, causing teeth to shift and potential denture discomfort. The Denture Design Studio offer denture relining and adjustments to ensure that your dentures keep up with your mouth, so there’s no need to replace them entirely.

Denture relining makes sure your dentures fit securely, removing the worry of them falling out unexpectedly. It also reduces denture discomfort, painful rubbing and sore spots. If you think your dentures don’t fit quite as they used to, get in touch today.

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How we readjust your dentures

  • Removing excess plastic from the surface
  • Applying putty to take a new impression of your mouth
  • Creating a new surface from this impression
  • Hard reline for stability
  • Soft reline for comfort
  • Removing or adding teeth to / from the denture
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Thank-you so much for the care you gave me when I broke my denture. All done while I waited as well. The repair is great. From the service I received I will have no problem recommending you to others - Mrs L.

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