Implant Supported Dentures

Looking for dentures
that stay in place?


For the securest dentures on the market, overdentures are the answer.

The denture is supported by a dental implant which stabilises dentures keeping them firmly in place. Dentures on implants are perfect for anybody with missing teeth, helping them to regain confidence. Tooth replacement also helps with chewing, speech, face structure and protects existing bone. Leading dental organisations recognise dentures on implants as a new standard of care for tooth replacement. It’s a long term solution for tooth loss to preserve healthy tooth and bone. There have been many advances in fitting dentures on implants, successfully replacing one or multiple missing teeth.
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implant supported dentures

About our implant supported dentures

  • Single or multi tooth replacement
  • Maintain jawbone and gums
  • Highly secure, stable fit
  • Long lasting solution
  • Feel more secure eating and talking
  • Custom made or existing dentures modified
lady with dental implants

Thanks for my new implant denture. Every time I walk past a mirror I want to smile into it. I can't believe how secure they are. Also, how much confidence they have given me. - Ms A.

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