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Ivocap dentures in Brighton and Hove

At the Denture Design Studio we offer this the time tested, proven denture injected system. The Ivocap system eradicates common problems in denture fabrication which leaves denture patients with an incorrect bite from bad fitting dentures. The innovative Ivocap denture system is a popular precision denture fabrication system around the world. The high impact denture base material is processed under pressure to create a homogeneous mix. This leaves you with dentures that look and feel better. With the Ivocap system you can have new dentures with flawless fitting, first time round.

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Benefits of the Ivocap Injected Denture system

  • Universally applicable
  • A precision fit
  • No shrinkage
  • Faster fabrication
  • Comfortable wearing
  • A better bite
perfectly fitted dentures

I wanted to thank you for all the care that you have taken. You are always happy to see me at short notice and what I have now is a denture that I'm pleased with that gives me complete confidence. Thank you so much. - Ms A.

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